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11 ( Sphinx) Battery Royal Artillery.

 AUG 2010
Congratulations to Lt Col Richard Wakefield RA on his recent promotion.
As a Captain, Richard was the Command Post Officer of 11(Sphinx) Bty RA 1987/89,
and was Operations Officer for the '87 NI Tour.
He also served as BC of 30 Bty. 16 Regt RA.
Recently he has been instrumental in getting the next generation of Network Enabled Capabilities for AD C4i into service,
known as LEAPP (Land Environment Air Picture Provision) which uses some of the most state of the art sensors and data links
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AUG 2010
Congratulations to Major Clive Hunt RA on his recent appointment at HQ DRA.
Clive started his career as a Gunner with 11(Sphinx) Bty RA, Returned in Sept 2008,
and took command of the Battery as BC until AUG 2010.
Clive was also the President of our OCA until AUG 2010.
June 2010
We Are Proud to Announce That Maj Gen John Milne RA,
Who Served As BC 11 (Sphinx) Bty RA, 1983 - 84,
Has Been Appointed As The Head Of The Royal Artillery Association

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An update From Maj Clive Hunt RA - 14 July 2010

'As I move on from 2 years of command of 11 (Sphinx) Bty to pastures new
with the HQ DRA Empire I thought it necessary to update the retired
members on where the serving Battery is at.

The battery is currently undergoing extensive Pre-Deployment Training
(PDT) for operations in Afghanistan on Op Herrick 13. They will be
providing Automated Sense and Warn using state of the art equipment and
contributing across the entire spectrum of operations. The training has
been long and at times very difficult but in true Sphinx style the
soldiers have endured and come through with great credit and praise from
all quarters. Their professionalism shone through and they flew the flag
of the Sphinx with pride.

The Battery has also detached 15 soldiers from Lt to Gnr to 39 Regt RA
to work on a special project and will also be deploying Herrick 13. I
wish them all a safe and successful tour.

The tour as BC has been extremely challenging yet rewarding. Just having
the honour and privilege to command a battery with such a notable and
colourful history has been humbling. From Sphinx Gnr to Sphinx BC, what
more could I have ever asked for.

To the Association, I thank you for your support and understanding
throughout my tenure. Some of you will be pleased to have me off your
back, others will understand my frustrations. The association is a
fantastic organisation and long may it continue.

Good luck and best wishes to you all.'

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The Bty continues to train hard and set new standards across the Falklands.
Not least on the sporting front where the members of the bty took part in the annual 10km Charity run with the Ops Offr, Capt Andy Savery, winning the event well ahead of the pack.  The feat is even more impressive as he ran the race wearing black tie, cummerbund and with a glass of champagne in hand.
A demonstration of true Sphinx style and panache! 
The bty also continues to integrate fully with all assets and units both professionally and socially deployed here in the FI. As always the Sphinx is the talk of the town as we are involved at all levels in most events. taking the lead in many.
The Sgts Mess, with the BSM, have made themselves an integral part of the Joint Mess. 
The Bty now looks forward to a very busy year ahead and some great training opportunities which I will cover in later updates.

 Wishing all the very best for 2009!
CH,BC Sphinx.

11 (Sphinx) Bty has had an extremely busy year. Having recovered from the C-RAM deployment to Iraq in June and following some well earned leave, we began the task of
re-roling to Rapier FSC in order to deploy to the Falkland Islands in November. This period was a mixture of career courses and trade courses bringing everyone back up to date.
The soldiers of the Battery approached the training with the professionalism and enthusiasm that characterises the Battery. The training was concluded with the STANEVAL assessment, the Battery narrowly missing out on being declared Superior Mission Capable, an incredible result.

We are now well settled into routine at Mount Pleasant Complex in the Falklands having taken on the role of the Resident Rapier Battery. The unique nature of the Armed Forces in the Falklands is allowing for excellent continuation training across the Battery. There are fast air “attacks” by Tornado F3 twice a day with a larger exercise or War Day each week which is testing the skills at all levels. 

 For Christmas the Rapier sites are hosting the Battery on alternate days, the agreement being that they will provide the food and the venue and the BHQ will provide the refreshment. In the best traditions of the Gunners I am sure we will have a very merry Christmas in the southern hemisphere.

 Seasons greetings to one and all.

Maj Clive Hunt RA,
BC 11 (SPHINX ) Battery RA.

Firing Camp
Falkland Islands

on its way.

Atlantic !

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