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Short Summary from the CEO       

I hope this newsletter finds you and your family all in good health. It has been again a busy year for our serving soldiers in XI Sphinx Bty with yet another operational tour starting immediately after our reunion in September.
On return from Op Herrick members of the battery went straight onto a charity run of Hadrian's Wall, thanks to all of you who supported and sponsored this event. I am pleased to announce that Colin & Trish Wood are doing a great job as Treasurers of the OCA, a full report will be published shortly but I can tell you that we hold just over £2000 in our coffers after all function costs have been paid. Don't forget your guests are most welcome to attend our reunion and especially those that may add some history gaps with tales of the trenches etc! Your support demonstrates the strength of our OCA Thank You! Finally if you have any pics from 2011 reunion you would like to see in our gallery please send them to me and I will upload them all. Take care.
                                                                                                                                                                   Yours Aye   Mal Roberts --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

 The President of XI Sphinx OCA Mr. Paul Brown

After a busy year we were pleased to learn of the successful tour of the operational battery and a safe return to UK. Not resting on their laurels a short R&R break will see them return to Luffenham and step into TDT for another Falklands tour later in the year. (September)
As President of the OCA I can confirm that we are as an OCA going from strength to strength with new faces attending the reunion every year. The new venue at the Queens hotel is proving very popular as the prices are much lower than that of its rival the Kings hotel. This year proved as popular as ever with special guest appearance of " Sloggers Magic" close up table magic which ha d even me baffled!  The CEO and the exec committee do a tireless job in the background ensuring the reunion runs as smooth as possible and to a high standard, this year 2011 being no exception. A special message to Jimmy Dowding and his wife Joanne we are all pleased to hear that recent traumatic events have now been resolved and things are back to normal.  I look forward to seeing you all at the reunion in September 2012.   Paul Brown

11 (Sphinx) Bty RA Deployment Update
 What a busy year the troops of XI Sphinx Bty have had in their new role as a fighting battery. Not only have they completed an operational tour of the Falklands at Mount Pleasant as the Resident Rapier Battery (RRB) but they also returned and constructed two replica rapier sites representing fixed sites in the Falklands which now forms part of pre-RRB training and is also an important regimental asset, Sphinx leading the way as usual. The battery completed a successful Hebrides Missile Practice Camp as well as getting in some vital Adventure training which included an Infantry Skills Training package covering different weapon systems.  As well as skills and development training the battery is currently undergoing intensive PDT which will take the battery to operational deployment on Op Herrick in Afghanistan.  In Afghanistan men and women of the Battery are deployed in small teams operating battle-space management systems. Long range communication provides coordination for close air support aircraft and helicopters.  The Battery will also be deployed in a secondary role in Afghanistan that has resulted in personnel retraining to operate complex integrated sensors and weapon systems that provide protection to the main deployed operations bases.  Soldiers maintain a 24 hour watch providing early warning and an engagement capability against potential threats.
  We wish all members of the battery a safe and successful tour.

2011 OCA funds and Support

This year was really busy for me as the new treasurer ensuring that the books were brought up to date prior to the 2011 reunion.
The OCA have proudly sponsored more events this year than ever before. During Op Herrick the battery were sent many Red cross parcels which were organised by Trisha Wood.

The Falklands tour will see the Operational battery away for xmas again this year so please dont forget to send at least a card or christmas greeting! we've been there and done it and know how appreciative the messages from home are at that time of year.

The function costs this year were as follows:-

Buffet             £329
Room hire       £60
Entertainment £70
Disco             £200
Raffle             £25

Subscriptions were taken at £5 per member and function costs were charged at £15 per person.

After all costs were deducted we are left with £2108.08 in the bank. We will be making donations to our preferred charities and supporting the battery while in the Falklands. A financial update will be given in the new year. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to ask any the exec committee.

Regards  Colin Wood - Treasurer

Alarm! - Target - Tracking - In cover
 Well we have tried various methods and media to attract the numbers back to our throng and boy has it been a difficult road. Facebook, OCA Website & Forum, Gunner Magazine, Royal British Legion, RAA, to name but just a few modes of media and advertising exposure for Sphinx reunion 2010.
In spite of retiring 5 times in the last 5-6 years Pete Phillips and I still manage time to tweak and prune our website, update or remove obsolete items, between us both with little knowledge we are just about keeping the website afloat.  This is where you can play your part in ensuring that we are still moving in the right direction with your ideas, your thoughts, and even your time! We are still looking for members to assist in the upkeep of our website, even serving members can have their input or even have a dabble at keeping the OCA information current and up to date.  Time is never on our side when trying to please everyone and you know as well as me that balancing work and family is a constant battle. Just a couple of hours a month is all that is needed to help keep the website and forum up to date. Just a few hours a year is all that is needed to help put the newsletter together.  We still need your feedback to ensure that we are updating our information with the topics that you most want to know about. We will Endeavour to maintain, keep current and up to date, our bespoke Sphinx Bty website and forum.

OCA Finance .
Since the association moved to its current venue in WALES, we have remained in the black with an account balance around £1700. This was only achieved with the support of the membership attendance at the reunion and generous purchases made at our auctions. 
 Promotions & Postings
 Congratulations to ex XI Sphinx Bty WO2 (BSM) Wayne Eynon on his recent promotion to Captain RA.
 Well done Sir! The drinks are on you

The Committee look forward to meeting Members, Old Comrades And Friends at our 2011 Reunion.
XI - ELEVEN - 11 ~ ~ ~ XI - ELEVEN - 11 ~ ~ ~ XI - ELEVEN - 11 ~ ~ ~ XI - ELEVEN - 11

What a great turnout from all corners of the UK and our dear friends who came over from Germany. Just as a quick mention in dispatches to our newest attendees from Germany to the annual bash held in Newport at the Quenns Hotel, we appreciate your support!! Tony (Box) James, Josh Scott, Blue Edwards (return visit).

Amongst the new UK visitors and closing the History gap (34 regt 11 Sphinx) with some great stories and tales from the front line, Jack Smith (Ex BSM), Pat Freethy and Martin Territ. A return visit from Lloyd Burton and Mick Jolly almost made up all of 34 Regt. I thought for a fleeting moment I was at the wrong venue.

As usual we kicked off the start of the weekend in the customary manner but this time it was only out of one door of the hotel and into the other side was the bar!! Ales and Tales was the order of the day and that carried on until the wee hours.

                                        Saturday Night at the Movies

After a successful AGM tea and wads, it was back on the lash for some and a well deserved kip for others. The evenings entertainment kicked off with the resident DJ imported from Swansea for the night. Our raffle yeilded a brilliant £200 of which £160 was profit due to the donated prizes. As agreed at the AGM next year we are looking at raising a substantial sum for Help for Heroes which is one of our adopted charities along with Chelsea Pensioners Hospital.

Due to the coffers now being in a comfortable position the exec committeee decided on oredring a surprise buffet. As the night progressed the 60+ strong crowd were chomping at the bit to taste the delightful morsels on show which was provided by the hotel catering, Pizzas, pork pies, sausage rolls, chicken wings and much more was amoungst the splendid spread.

more to follow..........

XI _ XI _ XI _ XI _ XI _ XI _ XI _ XI _ XI _ XI _ XI _ XI _ XI _ XI _ XI _ XI _XI _ XI _ XI _ XI
29th July 2010
Mr Paul Brown appointed as the OCA President.

It gives me the greatest pleasure to announce that with immediate effect Paul (Dogz) Brown has been appointed by the executive OCA committee as OCA President. Paul has served with XI Sphinx Bty for many years and completed numerous operational tours with the bty. Paul has attended every reunion since start up and is looking forward to continue and foster relationships with members in his role as President.

We look forward to supporting Paul and wish him all the success in this new role.
Mal Roberts & Exec committee
XI _ XI _ XI _ XI _ XI _ XI _ XI _ XI _ XI _ XI _ XI _ XI _ XI _ XI _ XI _ XI _XI _ XI _ XI _ XI

From the Association President.

Well not long now until the much-anticipated reunion for 2008.
I know that it will be well supported and a great event.
The committee have turned both the financial and administrative sides of the association round. The association is now a well run, well managed and professional organisation. I would just like to say to them all in advance well done it is greatly appreciated.
I am soon to take over the mantle of BC 11 Bty (1st Sep 08) and I will endeavour to get the serving Bty fully involved with the association. I know that Arthur Giles is doing a sterling job as the liaison and I hope to give him the fullest of support.
It just leaves me to say I look forward to meeting up with old friends and, having a great night and telling stories to the wee small hours.

Maj Clive Hunt RA – President.

From the CEO

I hope this newsletter finds you all in good health and enjoying life whether serving or retired. Yet again, the Battery has been extremely busy and I’m sure we will be hearing more news about their activity both from the President and our Liaison officer Arthur Giles, suffice to say our prayers are with them, always wishing a safe and speedy return to blighty whenever they have to leave our shores.

On behalf of the association members, I would like to convey a sincere welcome to all new members who have in the last year joined our growing numbers and are helping to keep the Sphinx association alive. We still need volunteers to assist with the running of the reunion so don’t be shy and make yourself known.

Finally your support is critical to the success of this association and a prompt response to the treasurer will enable more accurate costing for buffet, tea and wads etc…..
So get your replies in early. See you all soon

Dr Mal Roberts – CEO

From Mr Money Man.

Well, the country may be heading towards a recession, but the Sphinx OCA principle is that we have our contingency fund under the mattress ready for any emergency (like running out of beer at the next function and we have to import some).  I am proud to confirm that our accounts are officially in the black, and very happy to say that something has gone down in price, as the subscriptions are now only £5. “Sorry to say”, but these subscriptions are needed to help pay for the running cost incurred in the Association, so please download/fill in the subscription form from the forum,and post it as soon as possible.

Thanking you for your continued support, helping the Association to grow bigger and better.
I look forward to seeing both old and new faces. 

Ashley Cox – Treasurer

The World of the Wibbly Wobbly Web.

Our Website & Forum have proved to be a valuable asset to the Association again this year.
The Main Site consists of 8 pages that include, Battery History, Photo page, News updates and Reunion info.
The Forum is accessed by registered users only, so is only viewable to Association Members. The Forum allows members to access the email addresses of other members and is used by members to post or reply to a variety of issues ranging from sport chat to ‘come to my Barbie’ & find lost friends to Association news updates. Photos of all our past Reunion functions can also be viewed here.
We have 122 registered Forum members as at 17 July 08.
We are aware that not all of our members have Internet access and hope that those who do, will keep those that don’t, up to date with what is happening within the Association via mail or telephone.

Through our server statistics programme we have been able to analyse who visits our site & from where. Here are some interesting statistics for our Main Website
Total hits to the Main Website as at 17 July 08 was 13793.
Selective Data for the Month of June 08.
During June we had 1688 visits and 2986 pages were viewed. Our busiest day was Sat 14 June, when 319 pages were viewed. On Sat 28 June, 42 people visited our site. We do expect to get visits from our members outside the UK, but it was interesting to note that our website was also viewed from the following locations; Hong Kong x7, France, Australia, Pakistan x2, Spain, Canada, Germany x14, Belgium, China, Japan, Hungary, Greece, USA, Singapore, Italy, Brazil & Holland. We also have the facility to note which ISPs connect visitors to our Website and noted that our pages were also viewed via a US Federal Government Agency site as well as a US Military Provider.

During July we tried to contact all users of our Forum, to confirm email addresses, if yours has changed, please let us know. We aim to improve our site over the next 12 months, but can only do it with your help; we can’t invent content, so your support is needed. Please help us to provide you with a better service.

Pete Phillips – WebGuy.

Representing the Association.

Having been the liaison representative for the
11 Battery Association for some time now,
it’s a duty I thoroughly enjoy.

On Remembrance Day 2007, I attended the Painted Hall Chapel in Greenwich old Royal Navy building to represent the Sphinx OCA. Then on the 27 June 2008, I again represented the Sphinx OCA by attending the first veterans’ day held in Trafalgar Square London, and to my disappointment I was in fact the only ex gunner to attend this very special occasion, however I did manage to have my photo taken with a high ranking Artillery Officer

On the 5 July 2008 my wife and I attended a veterans’ day held at the historic dockyard, Chatham in Kent to represent the Sphinx OCA, and there were lots of things to both see and do throughout the day; this included us attending a church service for veterans of all three armed services and also included in the evening was a Beating of the Retreat and ceremonial sunset which was fantastic. I also took part in a march past taken by the Admiral of the Royal Navy, which made me very proud to represent the Association.

 Arthur Giles – Liaison Rep’.

XI _ XI _ XI _ XI _ XI _ XI _ XI _ XI _ XI _ XI _ XI _ XI _ XI _ XI _ XI _ XI _XI _ XI _ XI _ XI

For the Grand Auction at our 2007 Reunion, Steve Clarke kindly donated the prize of a ‘Driving experience’ at the Thruxton Race Circuit .
Carol Delmonte successfully bid for this prize and will be taking up her place on the starting grid at Thruxton on 7 June, behind the wheel of a race trimmed Porche ,to enhance her driving skills. ( You have all been warned)
Carol is already probably a better driver than her Husband Paul, who happens to be a Professional Trucker! ( Yes I did spell it right!)

Click HERE to see what the Thruxton Race Circuit has to offer.

Carol went to the Thruxton Race Circuit today
(Sat 7 June), and by all accounts, had the time of her life!
Here is an abridged version of the update that Carol posted on the Association forum.

Who needs drugs?
Give a ‘race day’ a whirl, god it’s FANTASTIC!

 I first went for a drive in a Porsche Cayman for 3 laps with an instructor, no I didn’t kill him, then I went in a Porsche 997 turbo, Oh my god! I so loved it, I was buzzing so much and yes I DID try to kill the instructor.
I forgot to use my breaks, eek! I wont say what he said but sure you can imagine “tee hee”.
Then if that wasn’t enough, get this now folks, I drove a Martini Formula Renault.
(Admin note . Carol then mentions something about a need to change her underwear)
They let me play with it all on my own, totally solo. Nope, still no one was hurt.
Then to top it all off, my darling hubby surprised me with an “extra”.
A ride in a Mazda 3MPS. Zero to 60MPH in 5.9 seconds. Top speed 150 mph,
2.3ltr engine, 256bhp. (Wow, Carol even remembered the tech specs)
A professional driver drove me round the circuit. Now that was really fantastic.
Not many woman drivers were there today, but hey who cares. I was thrilled to be awarded 70 out of 100 for my days driving ability.

Steve Clarke, who donated the prize, was also there, which was nice.
The staff at the circuit were amazing, They went through everything step by step with everyone, nope not just be ‘cos  I'm a woman.

We happened to go on the sunniest day they have had so far this year. Obviously we took our weather with us.

This is a ‘must do in your lifetime’ thing, well worth the 4 hour drive to get there.
Can,t say thank you enough ...
If this prize ever comes up in our auction again, I’ll be there bidding, it was fantastic.
(Admin note.We are not sure what Del was doing while Carol was having the time of her life but we can guess that he wasnt in the bar for a change)

 XI _ XI _ XI _ XI _ XI _ XI _ XI _ XI _ XI _ XI _ XI _ XI _ XI _ XI _ XI _ XI _XI _ XI _ XI _ XI

250th Anniversary Celibrations.

  On the 8th of June 2005,
11(Sphinx) Battery Royal Artillery celebrated its 250th Anniversary.
This was done in true military style by 11 (Sphinx) HQ Bty,
16 Regt RA, at Woolwich.
Various events were laid on throughout the day by all ranks of the Bty, and I am sure everyone had a great time.
Then in the evening, an all ranks dinner evening was held in the Warrant Officers & Sgts Mess
of 16 Regiment RA.
I was the guest of honour at this great occasion, and I sat at the head table, with a former BC, Major Matt Smith.
Also seated on the head table, were the BSM and Officers of 11(Sphinx) HQ Bty RA.
The evening meal was fantastic I can assure you.
Lots of speeches and lots of laughter, a fantastic evening all round!
I was given a standing ovation.
I felt very proud and honoured just to be there on this special occasion.
At the finish in the WOs and Sgts Mess function, it was off  to the Jnr NCOs Mess for Drinks.
I honestly tried to buy drinks in the Mess, but was not allowed to do so, drinks were bought for me by these fantastic people.
I eventually left at 2am, although the bar went on much later! 
I felt privileged to attend this Great Occasion, of the 250th Anniversary of
11 (Sphinx) Battery RA, as our Association Liaison Rep.
A very big thank you to all ranks of 11(Sphinx) HQ BTY RA.
Arthur Giles.
Association Liaison Rep.

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All Photo's from your time served in SPHINX greatfuly accepted !

Please contact us through the Feedback form
or via the Forum.

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A Montage of our
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